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The Cinema of Perestroika

Perestroika is an outstanding chapter in the history of Russian cinematography. The ideological influence is weakened, but at the same time the Soviet film school still remains. Now the cinema discusses issues that could not previously be discussed (organized crime, drug addiction, prostitution, etc.)

The cinema of perestroika is still films that were shot earlier but forbidden by censorship. On such films, the film's critics say, That film have been going to the consumer for a long time.

During the perestroika, the plots of the films cause public debate. What should be the Soviet cinema in the future? - was the main question.The pages of the magazine "The Soviet Screen" keep these discussions to this day. At this time, the director in the Soviet Union respected more than before

However, perestroika is the time of such a phenomenon as "cooperative cinema". Such films financed privately. Sometimes such money was criminal. Often, but not always, the pictures taken in this way were incompetent and could now serve as an example of trash from the era of perestroika. The financing of co-operative films sometimes canceled prematurely and films were not completed.

In general, the cinema of perestroika can be described as follows words: socially, eccentrically, erotically, melancholy, but quite truthfully and interesting.


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